End of Month Dash 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Overland MSRP 75,160 at $600/mo $0 down

How this deal? Anything missing?
msrp 75,160
MF 0.00087
RV 49%


If that discount is legit, it’s through CCAP and there’s no hidden fees or anything I would take it and run. Do you have the Private offer $1,000 TDM coupon included? If not, you should try to get that if you can. Otherwise that looks great considering how the higher level trims fall off a cliff from a leasing perspective.


Your post said Georgia so I threw an Atlanta zip code into the calculator for the heck of it and I come up with $14,500 in rebates if you qualify for returning lessee and have the TDM code. Should be $12,500 without returning lessee and $11,500 without either of them.


Do you have the link for 2022 since it was taken down from Jeep.com?

It’s CCAP. And thanks to @harrydogyo for the TDM $1k code.


My current Rubi 4xe just hit 1 year anniversary on a 3 yrs term so wouldn’t qualify for $2k return lessee, correct?

Also, got the Affiliate Rewards which I believe help.

Yeah I think it has to be up between now and 2024 so you’re probably out of luck there. Either way that’s a great deal for what you are getting.

My local dealer has a similar one on their lot. They don’t show all the rebates, where can I track those down at? I’m in NH.

Jeep dot com, select the model, put in your zip code. That’s it.

I only see 2023, does the 2022 have other rebates?

Why not go 24 months for just a few bucks more?

Astounding deal my guy!

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24 is 25 buck higher than 39. Any benefit for 24?

Personally it’s a no brainer unless you hate negotiating car deals. Get to drive a new car more often. Likely won’t have to get new tires or have many maintenance costs. Also depending on the state your registration for that 4th year may not be prorated (for example California)


Isnt tomorrow June? So they’ll still get credit for May and rebates?

If you really like the car I’d just stay at 39. 39 is slightly annoying cause it’s usually out of warranty for 3 months and there’s a higher chance of them trying to knock you for tires etc. 24 is tempting if you’re hoping the market goes back to normal and you’ll have more than 1-3 options a month to actually leasehack lol

You really want to own this car out of warranty to save a few bucks? Also the cost of tires are going to wipe out any saving.

Or you could flip it couldn’t you… WhERE are MMR at for these anyone knows?

Man I am trying to get something similar and they are BSin me stating that the 2022 don’t have any rebates which makes zero sense. Trying to have me at a $900 a month payment. NOPE

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