End Of Leases Are Coming

So if their theory holds we will see more deals on Pre Owned and possibly leasing, on the other hand, maybe not on leasing if they continue to tighten supply.

They slashed the sales price by $10K on the lease we got… of course the lease end price is going to suck

We’ve seen manufacturers like Toyota offer CPO leases to move those cars back off the lot and back into circulation. 2014 Avalon anyone?

Leases certainly won’t “end”. :smirk:

They may become less attractive following the direction BMW has headed the last couple months. But I doubt any changes will be that significant across the board. Manufacturers will do whatever they need to do to keep the volume up.

In a few years when I turn 70. Aren’t avalon drivers retirees? I have yet to see anyone under 60 drive those :slight_smile:

Hopefully this helps with increasing the CPO prices/inventory.

Yep, on the Bimmerfest site, there is a report of a 2017 328d $54k msrp for $32k, 4500 miles and 60 month 0% interested. Good deal, but imo by the time the loan is paid off he’s out of warranty and could be costly.