End of lease RX350 advice needed

Our lease for our RX350 is up. We have about $2k in equity (32k residual value, current KBB value is $34.5k) We have 2 kids + 2 dogs and are looking for something bigger. Our current lease payment is $505 including tax and we put $4500 down. We are in NorCal but will be traveling to SoCal for a few weeks and think it might be better to try and find a deal down there but we are open to both.

What are our best options for a lease that allows us to make use of the $2k in equity in our car + a larger SUV while keeping our payments sub $500? Also don’t want to put anything over $4k-5k down.

Some options I was thinking about:
Volkwagen Atlas
Lexus TX (though might be too expensive)
Toyota Highlander
Demo loaner vehicle (mercedez/bmw/etc.)

Are there any other options we should be looking at? We are open to both electric and gas. Any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance!

Do you mean an effectively monthly of ≤ $500/mo? Or ≤ $500 w/ $4-5K due at signing?

≤ $500 w/ $4-5K due at signing… hoping I can use the $2k in equity to bring it down to $2k-3k down

KBB value is meaningless. Did you get any real offers?

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Ask @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto about an EV9 or similar

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The Atlas is very roomy. Highlander decent as well. Better off not putting anything more down aside from inceptions though

Yes, agree. Leaning more towards Atlas as there seems to be better lease deals. Appreciate the help.

I went through a specific KBB dealer link that they sent me to show how much they would give me for the car.

Get a quote from CarMax to see what they will give you

Not sure how you reached that conclusion, definitely not from checking the Marketplace

If you can find a Lexus TX for $2K DAS and sub $500 per month, then you’d qualify for the 1st annual Hackr Of The Year award.

I’d check marketplace and message some LH friendly dealers and brokers.


To add to that, I think that many of the cars on the OP’s list will not be meet their desired budget while also being roomier than an RX. Bigger than an RX for an MB would be a GLE or X5 (or up).

OP could kinda/sorta get close to their target, if they get lucky on a loaner iX, though?

Thanks! Yea, I knew a TX would be a long shot which is why I put “(though might be too expensive).”

I’ll keep an eye out for an iX demo/loaner car.