End of lease question

Lease is ending in a couple of weeks. The buy out is about $21,500 + tax/fees from the dealer. KBB has a value of $28,500 in a private sale and about 2 k less for a trade in. I took the car to CarMax just to get an idea of purchase price and they came in at 22k. There is nothing wrong with car other than needing new tires.

Is CarMax just way low? Best to still sell privately or how would you approach trading it in for a new lease?

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Take it to a few other dealers and see what they offer.
What brand of car is it? Do you plan on leasing another?

2015 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum

I don’t plan to lease another Nissan, but am looking towards Infiniti / Acura / Jeep

If you really do have positive equity try to work that into your next lease to lower the payments on the new car, otherwise I would just sell it to the highest bidder above payoff and fees so you can avoid the dispo fee and possible new tire costs along with any other outstanding wear and tear damages.

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rolling equity into a new lease is the equivalent of putting in a down payment. Not advisable on a lease.

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That’s like putting a down payment. It’s better to have the dealer cut a check for the positive equity.

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Try a nissan dealer, they will probably give the best price.

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You are right, my bad

Additionally I am shocked that any Nissan product would have positive equity

I had a Rogue with 2000 positive equity. I don’t think it’s that unheard of.

Next time give yourself at least a month to analyze the buyout vs. value equation to allow time to sell it to the highest bidder!!