End of lease purchase?

My 3 year lease for my 2021 VW Tiguan expires in a couple of months.
Is it smart to purchase it (and if so is it true that the dealer can’t change the residual price) ? I m below 30000 miles and no dents or accidents.

You don’t need to even involve a dealer. Your VW financial page will give you the current buyout. Your contract stipulates what the buyout pricing is.


As said, there is no need to involve dealer. Given the current interest rates the one thing to consider is total cost of ownership if you buy it.

Also remember you don’t have to finance through VW, so you can shop your local credit union or bank for the best deal.

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Depends on the price and the APR

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Thank you everyone so much !!
So the residual is 14800 and I looked it up on Edmunds calculator and saw an offer for 19000 or so (how else can I find the current market value and if it’s worth buying ?)
I didn’t know I could bypass the dealer ! that is amazing news. How would I go about purchasing if not through VW credit ?

The bank/CU of your choice works directly with the lessor on the buyout (after you apply/are approved, of course).

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Thank you !
How would I go about researching the best deal ? (Who would I reach out to ?)

This isn’t as active as it was when there was almost nothing worth leasing, but it should give you some indication where to start looking:

Cast a wide net. I used a CU in Massachusetts (DCU) when I bought out my BMW (garaged in Ohio).

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Wow THANK you !!!

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