End of lease options on my E450 wagon

Sadly, the lease on my wagon is approaching maturity (6/30) and I’ve been racking my brain since last year on what to do. Starting a thread now to document how it’s going to play out in case it helps anyone else. Suggestions are also welcomed. Final residual is $43K and currently it’s just under $45K.

I’ve been getting buyout offers since last June from the usual sources to track its trade-in value. Interestingly enough I got $59K last June from Vroom, and my most recent offers are around $56-58K, so it has not depreciated much in the last nine months. With used car prices finally starting to turn down though, I’m considering cashing out early to max out my equity.

I would love to lease a new wagon but that’s not really an option because it’ll be $1,100+ a month and they’ve ruined it with only the all road version offered.

The options that are currently on the table:
Cash out the equity (likely ~$13K), but I’d have to find a replacement car (currently consider a Lexus RX) in this overpriced market. Might also go with one car until a good option comes along.

Buy the car out at lease end and keep it for a bit. I’d have to decide if I want to CPO the car, buy an extended warranty or take my chances with it not breaking down. We do love the car.

I’m in the process of shopping the car around right now. One MB buyer looked at my current lease and said that I have a CLA payment. :sweat_smile: Will update this as I go…


If you buy it, don’t CPO it. Search the Mercedes forums for the best price on OEM extended warranty


Same story here on my 2019 e300. I’m at 470ish pre tax with first DAS. Lease is due in July. Probably going the Tesla MY route and hoping they continue to hold their value in the case I sell it quickly. Never imagined being in a Tesla (never a fan) but it’s what makes the most sense now (plus need more space)! Good luck - it will be hard moving from the e class long roof!

Keep it! The value will hold for sure.

Check with your servicing dealer if they have a preferred extended warranty company that they can directly claim on your behalf.

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Beautiful wagon.

I followed the link to the shared deal post above.

And from there to the trophy garage thread.

Landed in July 2019.

Now I’m crying.

No Covid. No Russia.

Just a 5 series for $300 0 DAS, and a 440 for $237 a month.


That’s just another way of being redirected to the F&I manager and asking who pays them the greatest commission.

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It’s a German car. One must have an established working relationship with a trusty service advisor.
It will be pointless if the OP’s service center doesn’t take his 3rd party warranty. There is a balance to all of this.

Fellow S213 hackr here


That’s why he should

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Feels like a lifetime ago. I’m also counting my lucky stars that we jumped on the new Sienna the first chance we got right before COVID. It’s now selling used for $10K above what we paid for it. :sweat_smile:

If you CPO it, you arent capped on mileage while if you buy OEM extended warranty there will be a limit on the mileage.

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Good to know. How much longer does the CPO extend coverage?

Since I’m barely at 18K miles almost three years in, the mileage limit probably isn’t a big concern though LOL.

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How many people exceed the mileage before time runs out? That’s the catch.

+1 year on top of factory and you can buy 2 more years but you need to bring the vehicle to CPO spec

Each person is different but for me 100% exceed the mileage if i bought regular warranty haha

So I can add 1 year without inspection? How much does that run?

You’re not gonna exceed the mileage cap so why would you want unlimited miles?

You’d be wasting so much money having it CPO’d and “brought up to spec” and get none of the benefit.

Due diligence.

You cant add the CPO warranty without an inspection. If you dont drive that might just buy it from MBFS and buy warranty but if you have been driving a lot of miles then CPO it. IMO

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What due diligence? It’s your car. What’s unknown about it?

You wanna pay someone to tell you the tread on the tires?

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