End Of Lease Advice



Currently, I am leasing 2017 BMW 330e for which lease is ending in Aug 2020. I have 7 payments of $380 still left. If I wait until Aug 2020 to return my lease I will over run 30K mileage. However, I do have an option to purchase additional mileage which is going to cost me around $1,200.

Now that I got a letter from dealer for early end of lease option. I decided to visit their shop to find out what option do I have. I have an eye on 530e which i did test drive and i kind of liked it. Here is the option they are offering me

  1. They are taking off remaining 7 payments on 330e.
  2. I can lease brand new 530e: $2000 as DAS with a monthly payment of $671 including tax

2020 530e MSRP: $61,600
discount: $5,100
Selling Price:$56,500

May I know is this a good deal to offset my current lease of 7 payments + additional mileage purchase?

They are not taking off 7 payments they are rolling it into your new lease. You are paying for it either way.


thanks capscup2018 for the reply.

See other posts for the 530e…like this one…

…and contacting a broker may be a better way to go for you.
They are not giving you anything.

thanks mark.ca, will check with broker who deals in Nor Cal