Encore, HRV, or Trax

Trying to figure out which way to go with this for my younger brother… He currently has a Honda accord lease that is maturing at the end of August and has one payment left on it. He is 7000 miles under on his mileage so I am expecting a little bit of equity in it. The encores were leasing amazing early in the year, but now it seems like their prices are back up. We live in northeast Pennsylvania and I am trying to decide if we should wait for the August incentives on the encore, HRV, or trax. I just started negotiating for him and the best I got was 259 (pa 9 percent included ) with 200 due at signing to cover tax and tags on the HRV. It is only a base model. I will list all info on it later but it is just a base HRV. Can the Encore or Trax be had for less?