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so how to send $100?


Currently in the process of arranging the acceptance of debit/credit cards


Why not just paypal? Doesn’t get any easier. 5 minutes to create business account.


Not everybody has PayPal, but everyone has a credit card


Not everyone wants to give their CC to a stranger, while anyone can open free paypal.


I am able to facilitate it either way.

PayPal and credit card are both fine. Currently having my coworker create a business PayPal which can accept CC as well.


Would certainly help to clarify since it explicitly says non refundable here


It is non-refundable in the case that you do not go through with the deal, as I earlier specified


That’s not what non refundable deposit means. Refundable deposits are returned after certain conditions are met. Non refundable deposits are usually just a small part of an expected larger payment. In this case, it would be a refundable deposit, since you’ll refund it on the condition that they follow through on a deal.


I stand corrected :smile:


I emailed you!

Very interested in your services. Thanks!

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Has anyone worked with the lease broker recently? I sent an email and private message a little over a week ago without any response.


Interested to follow


@elegantautoleasing Thank you so much to Jake Lerner on the great deal! Just leased a 2019 BMW X6 (M Sport package) with him that was delivered today to my home. Nothing but great things to say. As I was looking for deals on my own, going from dealership to dealership, I became discouraged with the numbers I was getting. I came across this site a few weeks ago and saw his post. I emailed him and received a response in a few hours. HIs deal was truly better than any deals I had received. Jay was very patient and professional, answered all my questions, and put any apprehension to rest, making a deal during New Year’s Eve. After speaking to him and hearing my options, I decided on the X6 with the M Sport package rather than his initial post. I would recommend him without a doubt.


@elegantautoleasing Sent you a PM and an email about getting you a deposit


What were the numbers? 6 or 8 cylinder ?


Hey sorry for the delayed response. It’s the 6 cyclinder.

The numbers were provided by the calculator elegantautoleasing provided on his post… just adding $30 more a month because I wanted the M-Sport package. In his calculator, you’ll have to add tax for your state.

I tried to copy the link he originally posted below:

Since I decided to get the M-Sport package, I don’t have all the numbers for the calculator, but here is what i do have:

MSRP: 73,510
Sale Price: 62,918
RV: 59%
MF: ? (not sure)
Lease credit: 3k
Loyalty credit: 1k
Monthly payment: $624 + tax
Drive-Off: $2.55k (FIRST MONTH, $400 DMV, $599 DOC, $925 BANK FEE)

Hope this helps.