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Hi everyone,

Elegant Auto Leasing here- most of you know me as Jake Lerner- wanted to make a quick post describing how my brokering service works.

So unlike most brokers, I don’t charge any sort of broker fee. Our profit is worked out through the dealer, so there are no other fees that go in your direction other than the typical fees charged by the bank/dealership.

The difference between me and most other brokers is that I will not say that I will beat any price out there, because that is simply not true for anybody. As long as it’s a reasonable deal, I can most probably provide you with the best rate! But once again, there are always a couple of unicorns lurking out in the wild. A prime example is that $110 a month 330e is not something you come across every day :laughing:

But I do work with ALL makes and ALL models, so as long as what you’re looking for is somewhat reasonable, I don’t require any immediate deposit, so it can’t hurt to give me a try!

With us, there is no need to step foot into any dealership and wait for anything at all. We have the car delivered to your doorstep at no charge to you! (assuming you’re within a reasonable radius of the dealership) This way, there is no last-second bait-and-switch within the dealership. Whatever is the price we agreed on will be the EXACT figure on the lease agreement! And what if it’s not? We will take the car back!

The way it works is after we agree on a specific price, we can work on getting you a credit approval. Assuming credit approval, we get insurance on the car, and everything is in our hands from thereon out.

We work with all 48 states, but specialize in NY/NJ/CT/PA due to the vast majority of our dealership base being located here, and the ease of delivering the car directly to you.

The best way to get in contact with me is to email me at elegantautoleasing@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you guys and expanding my reputation on the LeaseHackr forum!

Thank you all,


Welcome and great post even though it’s not your first time :slight_smile: Best of luck to your business.


Sent you an email please check


I sent you an e-mail, just posting here as a notification in case my message got sent to your spam folder.


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Please read my most recent post.


Sent an email as well


email sent, please check and let me know.



This is for reviews. Let the dude get back to you or follow up on emails. LTR


Knowing that someone doesn’t reply to emails or isn’t timely about it…that’s actually useful information for potential customers


Very true, but you don’t need to post once you’ve sent an email. I have a bunch of people that have posted “sent pm or email please check” four seconds after they sent it, which isn’t helpful.


Currently in the process of arranging taking a $100 immediate deposit to know that whoever is emailing me is serious, therefore I will be able to reply to ALL emails.

Guys, last thing I’m trying to do is come off as unresponsive or rude. It’s just that hundreds people are taking advantage of the fact that I don’t charge an immediate deposit to look for a car for you.

PLEASE understand that I do this for a living and don’t have time for people that are jerking me around. I feel like arranging this deposit process will allow me to provide excellent customer service and a great overall experience to those who are actually in the market.

Thank you


This has scam written all over it.

Until you rescind this requirement, your threads are closed.

This is your second warning btw.




He needs to learn from @nyclife and @Benedetto - how much time they spend educating people before charging them.



Reopening this thread (for now) to allow him an opportunity to elaborate on what people will get in exchange for this “deposit” @elegantautoleasing




Thank you.

The reason I want to take a non-refundable deposit is in order to better accommodate people seriously in the market for a car. In exchange for your $100 deposit, I will hunt down the car you are looking for. I primarily service New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. However, I will entertaining working with somebody out of my service area if it makes sense for me. Unfortunately, I have had hundreds upon hundreds of people emailing me, going back and forth, and never going through with a deal. This cannot go on, because I do this for a living, and I can’t work for free. I do not charge any broker fee, our profits are worked out through the dealer. I have great relationships with many dealers in my area, especially the ones my company pushes volume for. Therefore, I am able to offer very competitive rates on specific cars. I have a web dealing system, which automatically has all of the residuals and money factors stored in it. It also has a tax calculator. So no matter how tricky your county/state taxes are, I get it right every time. I feel like i started off on the wrong foot on this forum by being a little bit cocky at first, and not complying with the requirements. I want to build a strong reputation on this forum as a reliable and competitive broker, and therefore, I feel like requiring a small immediate deposit of $100 will allow me to provide the best customer service to those people actually in the market.


Is this $100 deposit refundable after contract signing, since you do not charge for your service?



100% will be refunded post-contarct