Electric Car - Norcal

Hey all,

Looking to get an electric car to help ease the commute in Northern California. I’m trying to figure out which is the right model for me.

I don’t like the look of any of the American electric cars. The BMW i3 is okay, but wanted to look into what my other options were to get into the HOV lane. Do plug-in hybrids get in the HOV lane (BMW 330e)?

Also, when leasing an electric vehicle, how do you negotiate in the California tax incentives?

The car you end up getting should depend on how far and on freeway or not the commute is.
There are few choices, so the budget is also a question.
Bolt - long range, not supper comfortable, but can probably get $260ish a mo for 36mo, 36k total
17 Leaf more comfort lot less range, can probably finance for less than a lease with utility incentives if still available, not sure.
Ioniq EV have to wait forever to get, but “unlimited” miles and compensation for the electrons used.
Soul EV small, not very fast, short range but cheap
All plugins and EVs get the stickers, but I think it’s guaranteed HOV access only till 2019, then could be changed.
You don’t negotiate CA tax incentives, you just fill out the form on line after the purchase and hope that funds will eventually replenish the pot and you get your rebate whenever.

Looking to spend less than $300 per month.

I’m seeing deals reported here with the rebates in the deal? How does the rebate work when you are leasing the car? How would you get the $7,500 rebate?

you get $7500 by buying, not leasing. The reason (in most cases) the leases are so low on fairly pricey EVs is that leasing company takes all $7500, after all it’s their car.
Less than $300 is not a problem, research what you want out of it and you should narrow down which one you need.

When do you really need to have it?
I drove the Kia Niro yesterday and was pretty impressed with it. They should have the plug-in version sometime next year.
If you can’t wait till next year, but can hold off till the end of this one, it could be that better deals become available in December.