Elantra Limited 149 a m

0 down, 12k/36 month…~17k dealer price 13k RV.
Is it good? What else I can do?

zero down doesn’t mean zero drive-off
money factor?
lease cash?
need more info to evaluate deal…

Thanks for replying.
MSRP is 23,430
0 due at signing.
He is saying Money factor is negligible…,
Lease cash …he says why do you care,

Thanks again.

pls confirm that 35 payments of 149 is all you will be paying for this 36 month lease?
is it a hyundai motor finance (HMF) lease?
are you trading in a vehicle that has value?
Price seems super low for a car with an msrp of 23430…be careful esp. since they shied away from answering basic lease questions…

p.s. i’m off to the dentist but i will check back later. current incentives expire tomorrow (5/31)

yes 35 payments of 149
Yes HMF lease.
No trading

What kind of problems I may face …if I am not clear about lease questions.
Thanks again.

What dealer is this? This is extraordinarily low

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so low i have a hard time believing it; something is fishy in hyundai land
we’ll probably not hear back from her but i am still curious

This is a good deal. Take it asap.