Edmunds Quote - Do dealers charge on top of the price?

Hello Hackers,
I am first time lessor here. I am trying to lease a BMW i3 in Norcal area. I was browsing Edmunds and found some lease offers from few dealers around which seems interesting but when I called up couple of dealers, they are quoting final price (which they said is inclusive of taxes and other fees) and it is wayyy over the edmunds quote. Is that how the edmunds quotes work?

Yes and no.
They way it really work i believe is that when you give Edmunds your information they supply you with “Savings certificate” and you supposedly can take it to the dealer and ask for that specific price. In reality Edmunds just charging the dealer money for the “lead” i.e. you or any other lead is worth around $300 each or in bulk depending on their agreement and off you go, meaning you are on your own.
When you saw prices on line there most likely was a sizable down payment required with that lease buried somewhere in a small print so you are less likely to notice it.
For the first time lessee you are much better enlisting help of the reputable broker (look in the marketplace posts) rather than trying to figure out yourself.

To be honest, after leasing 3-4 cars, I’d rather pay the broker $200-300 to do the car shopping for me. My first lease was a disaster, my second was out of a fairytale, couple of emails and a phone call. Now it seems none of the dealers I contact want to conduct business via email, just trade genetic emails inviting me “to test drive the car”. I can’t visit 5 dealerships times 5 brands I am interested in and watch while they run back and forth to the manager’s office to knock off a couple of bucks each time. Ridiculous process in this day and age. End rant.

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Thanks for a very short, can’t even call it a rant, but saves me time. It is exactly my experience and how I feel as well.