Early lease termination Mercedes CLA 250

Hey everyone!!!
Just got a question. So I leased my first 2023 Mercedes CLA 250 from Calabasas CA in November last year m. Fast forward to this month I turned in my vehicle to Mercedes Oxnard CA.

Here’s a condensed story of my experience:
Went in this month and let Oxnard location know I’m doing an early lease termination. They said okay ….
, let’s stop here kevin hart voice
I kicked myself in the butt for not scheduling a pre inspection with AutoVin but due to family changes and current hasted moving, I decided to take it to the dealership.

So first the sales manager quoted 34500 for my lease , currently to terminate lease would be 39000 (39 months left), which means I would pay the difference of 4500. Then he did another inspection and quote 32500 to take the lease, so 6500 to terminate. He said it was peeling on the steering wheel that need replacement . His demeanor at this point was annoying me so I’m like whatever cause I will just pay it. Signed the odometer statement and transfers of liability so it’s off me and kept copies of my difference payment and their print out from MBFS.

Paid the difference and was told by finance they would ground the lease and I would be good since they will pay off the termination. Go to check my MBFS account and the amount of 39000 shows it’s due. Now I turned this in on 08/02/23 . It’s only the 5th right now. I think my main concern really showed when I seen my car on their website for sale yesterday 08/04/23. Isn’t it illegal for them to sale a vehicle with out the account being fully terminated from my name? I was told give it some days so preferably next week it should be fine.

I just don’t want MBFS to report to the credit bureaus I owe 39000 when I did my part. After doing my own research I learned that in California a dealership have 21 days to pay off .This my first time doing a lease so bear with me. All knowledge is welcome.

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the answers you seek are in your username, chill daddy.

Usually takes up to a month for bank to close out your account. Dealer can list the car as you grounded it already. How long the bank takes has nothing to do with the dealer.


Lmfaooo that’s exactly why I put that username! So I shouldn’t be worried about the full amount being due. It’s more so just wait and see type of thing then.

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UPDATE: So they sent the car to Auction instead of buying it :unamused:. reason I made that face is because I paid like 6k as the difference of the lease as they said they were buying it . Hopefully the auction appraises it for higher than the lease balance.

That’s not how this should work. They buy the car from you for $32,500. You write them a check for $6500. They pay off MBFS. Case closed. If they sell the car or take it to auction, doesn’t matter.

FYI when I terminated one MBFS lease early it didn’t show as paid off in my account for weeks. With the second one I did, with a different dealer, it was paid off two days later.

Steering wheel peeling, if a mfg defect, could, would, or maybe should be under warranty.

Feel free to post redacted documents so we can better help with what’s going on.

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Here’s the documents of the transaction. I know a I’m someone in the thread said give it time but I was under the assumption they were paying off the whole lease balance. My difference should have added to cover the rest. I got my vehicle appraised before them in the 40k range with the options and warranties on it.

Well it doesn’t seem like anything is off with the paperwork other than the fact that you were paying about $1000/mo on 48/10k for a CLA250. That is absolutely brutal and paying almost $7k to get out of it is pouring salt in the wound. Your effective payment was $1855/mo not including any drive offs you paid.

Let this be a lesson… come to LH before you sign your next deal.

Yeah man embarrassed and just young and dumb. My first lease might I add but I definitely will come here first before leasing again cause this is just laughable dumb on my side

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Just curious. Why You did not try to sell this car to any online or physical dealers?

Honestly thought of this but also had to return it since I was moving in a few days

Hmm …not sure how far You are from Carmax but over there You just schedule the visit, show up and drop off the car.

Alittle too late . All this happened on the 2nd this month

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Everyone makes mistakes. You live and learn


That’s all I needed to know bro. That’s why I signed up here cause a lot of you are knowledgeable when it comes to leases . This was my first lease and me being my excited and such got me screwed by not properly reading everything since I’m so use to just financing instead of leasing . I’m just nervous about how long it will take at the auction to pay the balance. And if the dealership will credit back my Amex the amount I paid to them as the difference for turning in the lease. Been checking carfax and with the option it has and very low mileage (7700) I’m hoping it can get sold for like 40k-42k which ends the balance I owe of 39k. Just got my early lease termination notice of disposition motor vehicle in the mail from MBFS saying it will be disposed of by private sale on or after 08/20/23. So hopefully after that date I’ll get some reassurance but like a few users on here said if I’m leasing another vehicle I will definitely come here to ask y’all cause as noted before this is my first time leasing a vehicle . Trust my mom heavy on my ass once I talked to her about this because you know how moms are lol . So I’m just thinking okay let’s see after 08/20/23 who buys it for a good price . Literally no issues with the car besides small peeling of the steering wheel. Well taken care of and all.

Do you have some written agreement with the dealer that if they get more for your car from the auction then they will refund you? That’s not normally the way things work but I am unclear about what the relevance of the auction result is.

All I have is what is shown. Got off the phone with the dealership not too long ago. They said the car sold at the auction so they gotta wait 5 days for the amount. So more of the waiting game honestly. The used car manager said they wanted to buy it but MBFS said to auction it. So hopefully it sold for the amount of my lease balance so they can credit back my payment. More to follow. I’ll feel more relieved once I call them next Friday and they give me the details and how to move on from this …

Well since they already charged you $6892, I’m skeptical about you getting any of that back but… maybe?

At this point honestly man idc I just want the end of term balance settled . Idc for that money back like if it comes cool and if not cool.

Update: sent a complaint to BBB . MBFS contacted me and I talked to their customer relations department. Nice lady who heard my story and was pissed about my situation and how it played out. she called MB of Oxnard right away and had them re-ground the vehicle since they reversed the grounding erroneously. Vehicle is at auction now. Assuming it sold since the balance is off my credit report today and shows the account is closed. the 6892 I paid to MB of Oxnard was refunded back to my bank account. MBFS told the dealership it was wrong to reverse the grounding without my knowledge. MBFS told them that the moment they chose to not buying the vehicle to settle the lease they should have notified me ASAP and refunded my payment. I shouldn’t have paid anything since I was just returning the vehicle to do an early termination. As yall on here said before , if I lease again I’ll ask yall first. This was a lesson learned !

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Glad it worked out for you but I am confused. How are you able to do an early termination and not incur any fees? At the very minimum, you’re responsible for 45 out of the 48 payments.