E300 loaner. $511pm $511 Down. PDX

Probably a little more to shave off.


At least $100 more to shave off…per month that is, not the down, although down could use a shave too :slight_smile:

Not a terrible place to start given the down payment.

It says Lease offer, but the asterisks point to a retail fine print plus it says one owner “bought here”

*With approved credit. Terms may vary. Monthly payments are only estimates derived from the vehicle price with a 72 month term 2.99% interest and 20% down payment. Taxes are based on where you live, not where you buy.

That’s not the fine print. This is: “1 Available, VIN # 081730. $511 Total due at lease signing. 36 monthly payments of $511. No security deposit required. Cap Cost $54,200. License and title, and $115 title and registration processing fee. Cap Cost Reduction $1,035.87. Residual, $38,625. Total lease charge, $18,396. Acquisition fee, $795 included in monthly payments. Lease end termination fee, $595. On approved credit, available only to qualified Tier | and Tier || customers by Mercedes-Benz Financial. Based on 10000 miles per year, excess miles charged at 25 cents per mile. Offer expires 10/31/2017.”

Nice catch, Nyclife. Deal might still be good though.

Whoa, it’s only for 10K miles a year? Did I say it need $100 shave, more like $150. That razor blade will be dull by the time it’s finished.

I leased my E300 demo with 6K miles on the odometer, 15K miles a year lease for $400 with $0 down. I did use MSDs however, but that doesn’t count as money down. Granted this one is about $2K more MSRP, but it has 1500 more miles to start. So a bit of a wash.

So with only 10K a year, this needs to be well under $400.

Oregon has no sales tax, in case anyone is wondering if tax is included or not.

You got yourself a nice deal there, good sir.

This isn’t the greatest deal out there but yesterday I looked into a 42k X1 loaner with 5k miles and got $599 + $1400 down. Anyone in the Portland area looking for a decent car with a pretty easy route to at least $450 a month for a $64k car might find some joy in it.

I obviously laughed at the X1 offer :wink: