E-tron prestige in socal~~deal check help!

Just signed a 2019 etron prestige in LA area… 5500$ DAS 596$/mon + tax
36mon X 10k

with some extra package like tow, rear heated seat, beam light , audi type-c cable and… MSRP 88k

Please help to see if it’s a good deal



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Without specific financials it’s hard to say. Here’s my prestige e-tron I did last week for reference. This is top 2 best e-tron prestige deals done.

Don’t look back now… enjoy the new car

Post pics in “The Trophy Garage” thread here

Thanks!! !here is the details
Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 6.38.08 PM|494x500

:rofl:for sure!! loves it especially after checked out tesla

:rofl: :rofl: just curious

There are about a million etron posts on this site. Read then to Figure out what you could have/should have done. That being said without all the relevant details it doesn’t look like you got taken to the cleaners.

Do you have Costco and loyalty?

yeah, costco but no loyalty

Those aren’t the details that help to evaluate a deal. Pre-incentive selling price, rebates, and MF will help people to evaluate your deal.

As other posters have mentioned, try reading the multiple E-tron deals that have already been recently discussed. You’ll probably get a sense from those about whether you got a good deal or not.

5500 das i assume thats not msd?

So most of these prestige models include a 2850 credit for drivers assist. You’d have to check the window sticker to know for sure. Assuming there is this credit, I think this is the correct lease calculator, but still hard to know for sure without more details.

If tis is correct, it looks like they didn’t give you any discount above the costco 10%. The best deals here got 2.5-5% additional discount off MSRP. This also needs to be adjusted if you used MSDS.

If the MSRP is truly 88K and you did use MSDs, this would be the calculator. If you didn’t use MSDS then they probably gave you a slight discount above costco.

Basically we need a lot more information. lol