E-Golf ~$167/mo 10k/36 mo after tax, fees & rebates

Long time lurker here. Leasing/buying a car is never a great experience.

Just closed this e-golf deal. Didn’t qualify for the loyalty cash. How did I do?

I’m in NorCal. Thanks.

MSRP 29,950
Gross cap cost 24,481

10k/36 months
Residual 36%
Down payment (incl. All fees and 1st payment) 2,500
Monthly 157 + 15 (tax) = 172

Total 2,500 + 35*172 -2,500 (Cal rebate) = 6,020
Total/month 167

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Looks really good to me, i am back and forth on e-Golf or Golf R (i know i know, very different ends of the spectrum)

Cap reduction $8661, but only $2500 due at delivery? Seems strange. How does that work? Even with the CA rebate, that doesn’t seem to add up.

Which dealer was that? I’m interested in similar terms.

Pisses me off. Colorado has one of the biggest ev credits at $5k and dealers like VW don’t sell their electric vehicles in the state.

Dublin VW. Talk to Dennis.

Can anyone please help review my offer here?

E-Golf SE without DC fast charge
30-month lease with 12k miles/year. The following number includes fees and taxes.

$2000 @ signing
$290/month for 30 months

I used $2000 (includes 1st month) + $290 x 29mon = $10,410 to calculate my total expense for the entire lease.

They offered another $200 off but since they didn’t have the color I wanted so I thought I should be patient so I left the dealership.

I’d like to know how much more discount I should ask for and which dealer/sales you would recommend? I am in bay area but I can also work thru online vendors.