Durango, GCL or other SUV in SoCal that can tow 7000 lbs

I am in the process of having my 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee lease repurchased under the Lemon Law due to a faulty electrical system that they have not been able to fix after 6 tries. Unfortunately, Chrysler Financial will not help in any way with finding and/or purchasing a new vehicle. I am currently renting a Durango R/T and I really like the car. I also like the Grand Cherokee L. They both check all the boxes in terms of size, comfort, features and price. The main problem is I need a Hemi engine to be able to safely tow our Airstream trailer. There are a bunch of Durangos with the Hemi but very few GCLs. And I really have no desire to spend $800-1000 a month for an Expedition or Tahoe. Anybody know of an aggressive CDJR dealer in CA or a nearby state? Any other suggestions for deals on SUVs that tow 7000 plus pounds that could be leased in the $600 range? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

search for 4xe there’s a few dealers who discount here

If you can wait for an order the brokers on here have a nice discount on the GC-L’s

The 4xe only tows 3500 pounds, otherwise I would be all over it.

I will check that out. Thanks!

@Clutch can get you that Durango with a nice discount his dealer is closer than all the east coast dealers who are aggressive

You misunderstand, the 4xe threads have CJDR dealers who give some discounts , not just on 4xes

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Is it just me or does this sound unrealistic?

The 2021 R/T Durango Tow n Go was absolutely in this range. We don’t have special money factors on the 2022 yet (they are coming I am sure) so can’t get there on 2022s yet. Can almost be sure if you order one that by the time it arrives the money factors will be out and be close to 0 like the 2021.

That makes sense. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks Clutch. How long would delivery take on a '22 if I ordered one through you? Also, is there any kind of rebate/incentive on the '22?

2022 Durangos are starting to roll off the line now. I would imagine 8-12 weeks for a new order.

Email us your build link

FYI 1 The new Grand Cherokee 4xe has a max towing capacity of 7,200. Not sure if you can wait that long.

Or if it’ll be in the $600 range based on the higher than expected MSRPs.

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