Drive-off cost negotiation

Good morning Hackers!

I have a quote that’s showing the drive off cost of $2,501.00 including the following:

acquisition fee $925

doc fee $80

license $542

first payment $429

upfront tax $525

Is this normal?

Yes, asking for that is totally normal. You don’t HAVE to pay it. You can roll in whatever you want into the lease payment. Just realize it then gets charged interest.

Shouldn’t the first month payment be included?

Doesn’t have to be. That’s what “sign and drive” means. I did it with my Alfa. Didn’t pay a dime at signing.

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You can have drive offs built in to your monthly. I personally always sign and drive without paying anything upfront.

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Ok finally re-negotiated… what do you think about this deal? If I roll in lease protections it will go up to $446 , think is worth it? And do you think it’s worth it? Is it a good deal?

Seems decent, but what is the actual car? Need to know in order to confirm the MF and assess selling price.

You certainly should be able to roll in the acquisition cost and taxes at a minimum if that’s your preference. Rule of thumb here is to put down as little as possible.

All the other numbers check out and I get the same payment number.

the reason why multiple people have now mentioned to put little to no money upfront is because in the event of an accident, you will not get back any money you put down upfront.
So if you crash tomorrow and car is totaled, you’re out $2500.

If you roll all upfront charges into the payment, obviously that makes the payment more expensive.

It’s personal preference, I usually do first payment and tag fees upfront, the roll everything else into payment.

It’s a 2019 4 series Grand coupe ( basic model)