Drew Parysz - Centennial Leasing & Sales - Denver, CO

Hi! My name is Drew Parysz and I am an Automotive Broker at Centennial Leasing and Sales, just outside of Denver, Colorado. I’ve been in the business over 15 years having started out as a lot porter for an Acura store in my home state of New Jersey. Since then I’ve worked for Chrysler LLC, Honda Motor Co. and Cars dot com.

I am now a licensed and bonded automotive broker for Centennial Leasing & Sales. As a long-time hackr myself, I know what this community is looking for and hope to now assist customers with excellent service and great offers. I am licensed and bonded in the state of Colorado.

About Centennial: Centennial Leasing & Sales has been serving the local community for more than 35 years. It has grown to be one of the largest independent auto leasing and buying organizations nationwide. With over 300 vehicles old per month, we have the buying power to get our clients excellent deals on the vehicles hey are looking for. I have access to all makes and can work out shipping within the state of Colorado right now.

I do not charge a customers a separate broker’s fee.
Feel free to e-mail me with any inquiries: dparysz@centleasing.com

When you do, please have an idea of the following information:

  • Year/Make/Model/Trim of vehicle you’re interested in
  • Purchase timeframe
  • Preferred Color (if any)
  • Must have features
  • Total drive off you’re comfortable with
  • How Many Miles Per Year (10k, 12k or 15k)
  • Zip code where the vehicle will be registered

If you’re looking to grind out a few dealers for the best price, I am not not for you. I offer competitive one-offer pricing and an exceptional customer experience that saves you time from searching, negotiating and taking delivery of your new car. If you value a fast, straight-forward, easy experience with one person during the entire process, I’m your guy!

Check out our hand-picked used inventory too!


Business registered.

Drew was fantastic to work with, and he answered all of my questions quickly and in detail. He was able to match the Costco price when other dealers in the area weren’t able to. Highly recommended!

First time using a broker, and Drew and Centennial provided a great experience!

These are unprecedented times in the auto industry. There are shortages of available vehicles, many cars are selling at or above MSRP, and discounts and incentives are virtually nonexistent on anything you would actually want to drive.

Drew was able to secure a custom order on a just released Wrangler 4xe (currently the second fastest selling vehicle in the country) at a great price. Avoiding all of the dealership negotiations and finance office upsells was an added bonus. All of the paperwork was pre-prepared and ready to sign, making for an incredibly easy and seamless transaction.

If you’re in Colorado, highly recommend reaching out to Drew rather than blindly walking into or emailing a dealership.

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@bikenski Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a pleasure assisting you in getting this awesome Sting Gray Wrangler. I hope you enjoy all the Colorado sun with that sky top! Wishing you all the best with your Jeep!

Great working with Drew. I love to grind and get great deals but grinding in Colorado is not the same as it is in California. So sometimes its better to hit the easy button and call Drew. Couple of emails, texts later, I came in to sign the docs and I was out the door. That would have never happened at a dealership, the 3hr wait… and multiple back and forth… I didn’t miss that.

Thanks Drew and keep an eye on the Tacos for me.

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@BChung-tonight Thank you for the kind feedback. You made this deal extremely easy and effortless for the both of us. I appreciate your quick communication and flexibility. I hope your parents are enjoying your new ride around town. It was my pleasure to assist you and look forward to helping you get into a Taco real soon!

Drew was great to work with on leasing our Wrangler 4xe. He responded quickly via phone, text and email. He explained the entire process and taking delivery was a snap even late on a Friday. We recommend using Drew especially in the Mountain region where deals are harder to find.

Thank you giving me the opportunity me to assist you, Neil. It was an absolute pleasure helping you and your wife get into a new 4xe. Even though they can’t drive it yet, I hope the girls are loving it!

Thanks to Drew, I am now driving an awesome Rubicon 4xe at a great price. I communicated with Drew via email while I was Jeep shopping and he was always friendly, responsive, and up front with pricing and buying/leasing options. Drew was very patient with me as I asked questions and took my time deciding what vehicle I wanted. Drew had an in stock unit become available and I knew that he was the right broker to work with. The transaction could not have been any easier or convenient for me. Drew had everything ready for me to sign and I drove off in my new Jeep. He even picked me up at the light rail station to get me to his office! I strongly encourage anyone in Colorado to contact Drew for your car buying needs. You will save money, stress, time and instead focus on enjoying your new car.