Does This Simple Search Reveal Which Car Brand Has The Dumbest Owners?

I guess all 1,000 Bugatti owners must be in desperate need of new bumpers and bumper paraphernalia.

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No, they need bumbers.

I’ve never heard of the word, “bumber”, in my life. I’m hoping that holds some sort of positive connotation for me? :rofl:

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Have you checked your blinker fluid lately?

Same here. But I’ve heard lots of

Break pads, breaking to slow down, etc etc


Alpha Romero has to be my all time favorite


The answer to Jalopnik’s question is NO. Every Volkswagen buyer is Infinitely smarter than any Infinity buyer by default. This graph is ass-backwards!

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Just curious as to what you drive since you misspelled Infiniti.


Also add “Infinity” to the list of frequently misspelled automotive words and brands.


Volkswagen! (and yes, I just now forgot to add the s in Volkswagen, and had to correct). But you make the point.

Speaking of, auto correct is constantly respelling things on me, so I wonder how many of these algo’d search terms results are skewed by 1)algo, 2) auto-corrected misspellings, 3) organic misspellings, 4) whether any combination of above (which are indeed the true results) result in ‘dumbest owners’. The amusement value was hardly worth the time spent on this one. Infiniti is a dumb misspelling of Infinity.

Yes, this is one I see too frequently. It really kills me when it is an INFINITI owner that spells it Infinity. :weary:

Pssh, BMW doesn’t need blinkers so why do I?? :tipping_hand_man:

And I see you own one, as only an INFINITI owner would spell it that way (In caps) as it’s in all of their documentation.

I was doing it for the emphasis lol, but I think you are correct regarding their documentation. I’ve had 3 Infiniti’s in the past, but I don’t currently have one.

I’m not sure that VW owners have it wrong.

Look up the urban definition of ‘Bumber’. Boobies.

Maybe all those VW owners have that one on their mind instead of their ‘bumpers’

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