Does Stellantis allow lease transfers?

does anyone know if stellantis allows lease transfers? I cannot find the answer in my contract. Just asking about simply transferring my exact lease to someone else who would make the payments until the end of the term. I know they would have to be credit checked first.

They do not

They’ll hang up on you the moment you mention it.

But why ?? lol

IMO, Banks and most car makers don’t usually let switch out who’s on the lease because from financial standpoint it messes with the original deal they made. They want to keep their stuff intact and valued high, so letting people sell their leased cars for cheap doesn’t work for them the way they built the terms as per their terms. Plus, they checked the first person’s credit for a reason, right? Adding someone new could be unnecessary risky. And all the paperwork and headache. Why? They also want you to come back for more, so keeping things tight helps with that loyalty and depreciation vibe. Basically, it’s all about keeping things simple and safe for them, and making sure they don’t lose out in the long run.

Here’s a decent reference of companies and their policies.


Do you have equity? It might be easier to sell your car than trading it.

Equity? In a Stellantis? In 2024?
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