Does Porsche do used car leases similar to Audi?

Does anyone know if Porsche has a similar lease program to Audi in that you can lease a used car under 10k miles within a current year car? I think Audi calls it a “like new” lease. Not a demo lease. A used car lease.

Used leases are usually really expensive. Are you sure you want to do this? If so, I’m sure a company like Premier Financial can do it.

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Seems like it based on this.

Ya I think so. Based on his previous post was that a retired loaner or just a used car?

@wam22 could you help out here?

I know they do loaners and demo leases, but this is truly a used car so it may follow different programs.

It was a CPO car. Used cars leases generally are not better than a new/demo lease. On the Porsche end, you have to find one with a high MSRP, huge depreciation, low miles, and CPO for it to maybe make sense. The programs are difficult to follow since there are a lot of different adjustments to the RV based on all the factors listed previously, so you need someone who understands them to make it work.

A current model year used car lease will not be better than a new car/retired loaner lease. The RV is probably 10-15% less than the new car programs.


What about going after a Taycan 22 or 23. Would incentives apply? And enough depreciation to make it work?

There are not incentives for used vehicles. Unless you have access to the used car programs, you are going to drive yourself crazy. New will be cheaper 99% of the time.

Some people love used cars. The idea is “some fool took the hit getting it new, I will capitalize on depreciation”. But there are two things to keep in mind: First, lease = depreciation + rent charge (or MF) you will pay on the car. Used car will most likely have much higher MF. I don’t know about the depreciation rate, but you can look it up online if you have specific make/model/year in mind, and compare how that rate while you lease will be any different from what it would be if you got it new. Second, the higher the miles the closer you are to hit the warranty, after which it’s extremely expensive to keep high maintenance German cars. Anything breaks and you will spend fortune fixing it. CPO with warranty may take care some part of it, but will they provide 100% warranty throughout the full term of lease? How much will it actually cost (they sure won’t fix your car for free)?
I can’t say anything beyond above, as I have never leased used car, nor considered it.

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