Does it really take 6 months to get a Wrangler delivered?

Hey all - long time lurker, occasional poster, frequent reader here. I’ve been seeing quite a few post about people getting significant deals on ordering a Wrangler. That’s def piqued my interest and so I reached out to one local dealer who basically told me it’s a 6 months wait time to get it delivered. I found that odd since most people here were only mentioning a couple of weeks here and there for delivery. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Or know any good brokers or dealers in the SoCal area I should reach out to get this going? Thank you!

Read the previous threads, use the search function…don’t be lazy.

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I have, my question isn’t about price tho, it’s about delivery times. And if it’s really taking people 6 months to get their wranglers or not.

Simple search would provide those answers and no one can answer what that specific dealers lead times are. If you search you will find a far less lead time as well as a broker who works in your state.


I don’t know why you think I haven’t searched already though, clearly I’m asking because there wasn’t some clarity on this issue.

Many people were told 8-10 weeks delivery time by the dealers but most of the cars arrived in 5 weeks. If they tell you 6 months it means they don’t want to deal with you. Move on the next Jeep dealer.

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Got it, thanks for this, much appreciated

Ive been doing a lot of orders in Socal this year, Most people that ordered in April waited about 6 weeks. I haven’t heard anything about the factory slowing down but no guarantee


Got it, that makes sense. I’m totally fine with waiting 6 weeks just don’t know if I can do 6 months since I’m planning to sell my current lease for some equity.

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