Does GM has any of the private offers right now on the web or Mailers?

GM Private offers - Any idea how to get one?

They haven’t had the online ones in many months

Just for gags,
I received a $50 test drive offer directly from GM which I was able to encash at the dealership

My GM rebate credit card added $1500 to my rebate points. I used it to lease a Buick Encore last week

@Masterblaster you meant - you have enrolled into a GM credit card and they added $1500 worth of points for a new car or lease ?
So opening a new GM credit card account will help? btw which card is it?

I don’t think that will work. You could try but no guaranty. The incentives come randomly “out of the blue” in a mailer and as I understand it from other car forums the incentive is different for different people. I have the original GM credit card. I have had it since it came out maybe 15 years ago.

The trend I have noticed over the years is that GM rebates get reduced this time of year and then the credit card rebates appear in the form of a mailer. It seems that they like to move the rebate money around to motivate different people.

This year though the rebates are modest but the various lease incentives are ‘Yuge !’.