Does excess in Registration fee get refunded automatically?

I was billed $450 for the registration fee to register my car (got new plates). just got the plates in and noticed NJ DMV charged $240.

Will the dealership automatically refund me the difference? Will they try to keep it?

By law they cant keep it, you will get a check from the dealership… mine took 1-2 months

I got a check from the dealership a couple months later for the overpaid registration.

Thanks for letting me know!

Took 3 weeks or so for us back in 2015

That’s the law, however they just might never get around to your refund and possession is nine tenths of the law !

Maybe yes, maybe not. I’d check in with them after a month or two just to keep em honest

In my case i didnt even know why i got the check i was thinking to myself free cash

Did they use a third party to register the car? In that scenario, you may not get a refund as they “pay” them for the service as part of the fee I believe.

Correct aka runners fee

as far as i know, i signed a “power of attorney” document to give the dealership the ability to register on my behalf. Does not state anything about a 3rd party.

will see what happens in a month or 2

Yes, a dealer’s business office would issue you a check for the difference. Wouldn’t hurt to reach out to your finance manager that typed the deal and let him know so they can expedite your check.

:rofl: Sure! it’s gonna be a few hundred dollars a month but you would have to lease that Mercedes bike as well.

Short answer is that NJ law requires them to pay out the difference. Additionally most N.J. dealers will not charge a registration fee (eg 3rd party messenger service) for N.J. registrations. They often do try to charge for out of state registrations (eg NY, PA etc).

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