Does anyone recognize this Volt Deal

I keep seeing this photo. Does anyone have any info on it’s origin?

I do recognize it. Why are you asking? People keep asking you to match the deal?

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Almost the same deal here. I am 100 percent certain that we all know who is making deals like this.

5 different people have tried to pass this deal off as current

It’s not current. It was from this post/thread below during the Asian conquest time frame.

The other picture is more BS. Some one typed it up. They have the date as 06/19/18

That’s some good photoshop skills lol

Not sure which picture you are referring to. In your original post, section 3B even lists the first payment due on 3/27/18.

You are referring to the post that @senorbigchief linked to? @Eric_Yan was the one that posted that thread and lease contract and he says he did just sign his lease recently.

I’m the one who signed and posted the “BS” lease. If for any reason you want me to pull off the post, you could ask me nicely. But calling me a “liar” if another thing. Good luck.

btw, today is 6/21/18, I don’t quite get your logic :slight_smile:

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And your point is what exactly? Like @jon said the picture you posted clearly shows an old date. You’re not obligated to match it.

So what’s the inquisition for?

I’m looking at the rebates… too me they don’t add up to the current GM offer. The file says NorCal. Is that where you are located?

yes, I’m in the Bay Area.

Hi Eric could you PM the dealer info? Thanks!

lol true, that even in march that wasn’t the rebates at the time. @socalchevypro look @ selling price. on BASE model. it’s not that good of a deal even with inflated rebates.