Does Acura/Honda Financial allow third party buyouts?

I’ve seen mixed results in posts about Acura/Honda Financial allowing non-Acura dealerships/Carmax/Carvana/etc. to buy leases. I also called into Acura Financial and they gave me multiple answers.

Wife’s TLX lease is coming to an end and she has about 6k of equity in her current car…but quite frankly we are getting tired of Acura’s games. Every dealership we have been to gives us the runaround, and every car they present to us they end up marking up the vehicle $2.5k-$5k over MSRP…making things almost unaffordable even with the equity.

Has anyone recently tried to sell their leased Acura to another dealership or Carmax? She’d love to get into a new or used Volvo and tell Acura to kick rocks but they aren’t making this easy…but we have so much equity in the car we would hate to go elsewhere and lose it. Would love any feedback or guidance.

Have you tried contacting a broker here? I believe @aronchi works in our region and can help with a non marked up new Acura and can assist with a buyout of your current TLX. He also deals with Volvo. Keep plugging along. It is a very frustrating time to be in the market for a car.

Honda Financial no longer allows 3rd party dealer buyouts. They used to, but like most banks, they shut that down recently.

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Frustrating is putting it easy. Weve been in contact with 5 Acura dealers in the tri state area and it’s been an atrocious experience. I understand the “market” is a bit off, but they are making this damn near impossible for us.

There are several entities which can process a payoff through a Honda or Acura dealership

Several LH brokers (see link below)
Autonation which owns dealerships
Carshop which is owned by Penske which owns dealerships

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Following as I have a 2020 TLX lease that is done come December 2022- and plan on selling next month (September)…as my household has more cars vs. drivers, thus no longer need it- thus want to pocket some positive equity while I can.

i dont know with honda/acura, but even though autonation has hyundai dealership i was unable to process payoff with my hyundai lease through autonation. i had to pay buyoff and do title transfer

I just recently spoke to a Land Rover dealership that is through AutoNation and the lady confirmed with me pretty quickly that they are able to buy Acura leases. I know for absolute fact that the Carmax/Carvana’s won’t do it. Kind of a bummer having all of this equity in this lease and essentially being stuck to only Acura/Honda

Hyundai was well known to be a pain to get the title release from- This is more of the issue vs being able to pay them off.

yeah fuck hyundai; i’m korean which makes me even more disappointed at my country. only thing we have are our food and kpop/kdrama

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