Dodge Durango RT AWD

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I’ve been reading through the forum for the last month and I think I’ve found a decent deal on a Durango RT AWD . The MF and residual on 36/10 is .00013/52. At $47k selling price the monthly is right around $493 before taxes. I thought this was pretty good on a $54k MSRP but what do I know.

The real question I still have is whether this deal might get better waiting another month or two or will the residuals fall too much?

Your crystal ball is as good as that of the next guy.

Did you check incentives for the month? and is this a actual quote you got?

The incentives are $2,500 from FCA. I have several actual quotes on all similarly optioned vehicles but I think I could get one or more of them down another $500-$750 which are the numbers I represented here. If I had to take my best quote I have it would probably add $25/month.

So there’s literally no way to make educated guesses on which way the incentives are swinging on a particular model at a particular time of year?

You can guess, but its just a guess. Salespeople and salesmanager all thought I’d be able to get their volvo loaner in December (this was end of November) because, historically, Volvo “always” kept incentives the same Nov-Dec. Well, for the first time anyone could ever remember, Volvo pulled lease support at the end of Nov. That’s how my wife wound up with a BMW.

I got 4000 in incentives off mine best i saw all year.
500 truecar
2500 lease cash
1000 conquest

Gotcha. And how about the dealers discount did you pay invoice less those incentives?

Did you get a favorable MF from Chrysler. There now offering .31%.

Got it. They’re unpredictable as you found out the hard way. Any predictions based on what I’ve told you and general automotive sales knowledge you have around this vehicle and time of year. I did notice there are quite a few of these things in Dodge’s inventory in my region so I’m thinking they keep the incentives on during the course of the summer to move them off lofts for the '20’s.