Dodge challenger lease quote

New Stock#: VIN:
Used Mileage:
Certified Pre-Owned Description: 2017 Dodge Challenger 2dr Cpe R/T Plus Shaker AT [LADP22]
Year: VIN:
Make: Mileage:
Cash Option
MSRP: $50,465.00
Discount: $4,706.00
Adjusted Sale Price: $45,759.00
Options / Accessories
Sales Price Sub-Total: $45,759.00
Trade Allowance: $0.00
Difference: $45,759.00
Tax: $2,757.54
Tag and Title Fees: $47.00
Documentation Fee: $200.00
Total: $48,763.54
Trade Payoff: $0.00
Rebate: $3,500.00
Balance Forward: $45,263.54
Lease Alternative Estimated
Out of Pocket 36 months
$1,000.00 $496
$2,000.00 $467
$3,000.00 $437
Total Lease Cash $4,000.00
Mileage Per Year 12,000
Residual $26,746.45

Can someone make sense of this for me? I put all the numbers through the calculator and its just not adding up. Or maybe its me…

Rv is supposed to be 64% with .00130 MF

This is with LA tax at 8.75%. Don’t know what your state is.

6% lol so yeah I’m not getting the math here

That makes the residual 53%

Where did you get 64%?

Also, most of your quote is a purchase quote.

64% sounds right for that car, unless they have tanked today which is effectively the 1st of the month because of the 4th July.

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I’m going by the information that was posted, which looks like it was copied and pasted from a dealer quote.

I got that RV from another dealer in the same area about 12 hours ago lol

I don’t think I’d ever lease a car with a RV of 50% when the MSRP is 45-50k (with all the options that I want)

Different dealers might be giving you quotes with different banks, which would have different RV/MF.

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Thanks guys. I wish ally or usbank had any sweet incentives going on

If it’s CPO the RV is going to be lower.