Do you send an offer sheet with initial email? Chevy Bolt, btw

Great forum…I’m a newb who learned a ton the past week. Short version: looking for opinions on whether you include an aggressive, but realistic offer sheet (based on LH calculator) with your initial email to dealers or whether you keep it short and generic (ask for best price on stock #, give zip code and incentives you qualify for, etc)?

Longer version: Been thinking of buying a used or new Bolt since summer, but kept waiting for better deals. Love the incentives on 2020’s this month and have seen some killer deals posted here. I’ve never leased (usually buy and keep for 10+ years), but given the rate at which EV tech is improving and the fact I like the Bolt but am not in love, I’ve almost convinced myself to lease. I’ve worked out some numbers from here and Edmunds that would definitely make me a buyer. I wouldn’t call it a “unicorn,” but it’s aggressive. Opinions on whether I include this with initial emails or if keep it short and simple, just asking for best price then negotiating with those who are willing. Thanks!


I don’t have any advice to share - only that what you described is pretty much EXACTLY where I am at as well (never leased, own cars for 10+ yrs, wanting an EV for tech, hoping to score a cheap Bolt). I’ll keep my eyes peeled here for other advice as well.

Don’t link to leasehackr! Wont go well



I have seen deals go south just by mentioning LH in several posts.

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Thanks for those. I’d read one of the linked posts, but not the other. Seems the middle ground is a short email that includes some terms, but not an actual offer sheet. BTW, I’d never mention LH by name, lol…I know that would tank things. I’m thinking something like this:

"I’ve tested multiple makes/models and am ready to lease a 2020 Chevy Bolt by the end of the month. Must be Premier trim with the following options (X, Y, Z), but color does not matter. My zip code is XXXXX, my credit score is in the top tier, and I qualify for these incentives (X, Y, Z). I’m looking for a dealer who can offer me the terms below. The first to agree will earn my business. I don’t plan to visit any dealerships until terms have been agreed to by email, so I’d appreciate you respecting my time and only replying with offers. I promise to respect your time and lease by the end of the month with the terms below and no other add-ins or hassle at signing. Thank you, and I hope we can do business!

Mos/miles, Purchase price, MF, Res, $0 DAS, appx payment incl taxes and fees.

Personally, I wouldn’t include this. Some salesmen will put this straight in trash after reading it. Just make it clear that you’d like to converse over email and due to a tight schedule will not be able to make it in person other than to sign.

I just got that same car but 36/10 for $306/mo (link to my deals post below). I basically worked 5 dealerships for 2 days and that’s the best I could do around here. I still felt like I left a bit of meat on the bone, but not much. This seems to be a complex deal to work out because of all of the incentives. Get them to agree on one part and they just increase something somewhere else. All of the dealerships were big on refusing to give the .00053 MF. My best luck at the end was basically setting a monthly price at 36/10 and saying, “make that number work somehow and we have a deal.” The dealer I went with finally did that by increasing my trade-in (as I explain in the thread I should have been upside down) and decreasing the Doc fee (which I’ve never seen done. I always thought that was non-negotiable).

Personally, what I prefer to do is send an email calling out a specific stock number, making a very detailed offer that breaks everything down so there can be no confusion as to my offer, and conclude with “if you can meet these terms, I can be there in 2 hours to sign.”

This has worked very well for me on my past several vehicles.

This is what I normally do and it has always worked out well in the past, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t working in my Bolt purchase. I kept getting “your calculations are broken, when I put those numbers in. We are way off” and it’s usually because they’re adding in some undisclosed dealer addons or increasing the MF. It was like whack-a-mole with hidden increases.

I’ve always included MF and $0 for add ons specifically called out when I have sent messages like that so that there can’t be any confusion like that.

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Really appreciate you all sharing here. Good stuff on this site for sure. Seems these Bolt deals are really dependent on locale and timing. I’ve heard of people just randomly emailing dealers with crazy low numbers (both purchase and lease) and having them accepted without negotiation. But then I’ve seen multiple stories like yours where people are really grinding hard for a deal. I’ll post back if/when I close this. I don’t NEED to buy right now, but I’ve been on the sidelines watching since summer and am getting eager, lol…

You’re in a great bargaining position since you don’t need to buy, but I’d just keep an eye on local inventory as I’ve heard from a couple of different places that they can get get any new ones for a while. A dealer here said that in another thread too. Not sure how accurate that is, though and if it’s just dealers trying to drum up more demand.

Thanks! Hadn’t thought about inventory, so I searched just now. It does seem tight in my immediate area, but there are 37 in Premier trim within 200 miles of me, so I’m hopeful somebody will be willing to negotiate. I’ll probably start shooting off emails this week just on purchase price. I’m still a little torn on leasing vs. owning to be honest. Did the calcs and it looks like I drove over 15k miles last year…and am sure I’d want to drive even more in a new car. Also hate worrying about dings and scratches. I suppose starting with purchase price leaves both options open, so I can continue thinking on it.