Do you negotiate the price before or after incentives


I can’t remember. If the MSRP is $50K, and you negotiate $45K capitalized cost, is the BEFORE or AFTER incentives. Will the dealer say - “that $45k includes our promotions for the month” etc.

Also, where do you look up the incentives.

Thank you

Depends on the dealer. Usually the dealer will include the incentives to make the price look better but your goal is to separate the dealer discount and the incentives. You can’t change the incentives but you can negotiate the dealer discount.

Like what JamesBond said, what the dealer tells you will usually include incentives to make the price look better. Your job is to differentiate the incentives from the selling price and be clear you want to talk price before incentives are applied. Autobytel and carjojo are 2 common places to look up incentives, although it can still be difficult to determine what you qualify for and which incentives can be stacked.

cap cost includes rebates.
you need to do selling price before rebates.