Do we have a subaru dealer on here?

Looking for some contact info for one worth dealing with. Might have a deal finalized here on the vehicle but since I decided to purchase I want to look into warranty. Cost is a bit high here.

There was one dealer doing deals on the gold plus warranties for Subaru. Mastria Subaru, this is the latest I could find.

Email From Mastria Subaru (04/20/17):

“We are restricted from selling extended service plans in CA, FL, WI, LA, AZ, NE, OR, IA, VA, WY and WA. These states use state specific contracts that are only available at Subaru dealers within each state.”

$100.00 Deductible $50.00 Deductible $0.00 Deductible

3yr/45k $445.00 $499.00 $599.00
4yr/60k $655.00 $679.00 $725.00
5yr/60k $699.00 $765.00 $845.00
6yr/60k $799.00 $845.00 $925.00
6yr/80k $975.00 $1099.00 $1199.00
7yr/70k $999.00 $1085.00 $1185.00
5yr/100k $1145.00 $1260.00 $1395.00
6yr/100k $1325.00 $1375.00 $1545.00
7yr/100k $1425.00 $1525.00 $1649.00

Please add: $95.00 for 6 cylinder, $295 for turbocharged, $495 for STI .

However, the forum says that a Luke from Stamford Subaru was beating these prices.

Why do you need warranty on a new car? Anyway, Subaru will send you their reasonably priced extended warranty contract before 3 years.

They don’t jack the price after 6 months? I know most raise prices every so often

What are you talking about? You have 36 months, after about 2 years they will start sending you offers for extended. You buy for the length you want. Just go to Subaru site and read about it.

So Subaru doesn’t jack up there warranty prices yearly like every other brand? Ford had a 30% increase earlier this year. And if your not in your first 6 months there’s like a $200 increase in top.

No idea how can they raise price after you buy 3 or 5 years extended warranty.

Price changes before purchase. So if I wait 3 years who knows how much more it costs.

I did find out that in my state Subaru sells a different warranty. So I gotta buy it from a local dealer :confused:

Wait until 3 years is up. A lot can happen in 3 years. Your car may get sold, totaled, etc. no reason to buy extended warranty while new car warranty is still active.

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Totally agree [20 chars]