Do the 18 month Leaf lease deals have positive equity?

Do these aggressive short term lease deals have positive equity? I have a P car on order but delayed due to the war and other issues.

Was wondering if I could come out ahead with one of these after 3 months. Worst case, I will hold for the 18 months.

These rental car rates are not awesome. I’m paying $600 a month for a Chevy Trax.

Nissan purposely made the programs on these to not work well for flipping, plus you can only sell Nissan leases to Nissan dealers.

You are better of getting into a different car if you are trying to sell your lease 3 months in


It’s a Nissan with most of the payment going to rent charge… so unlikely there would be any equity and as hard as possible to capture if there is.

I know the Wrangler 4xe is the obvious choice for that but only seem to be able to maximize if I pre-order which I wouldn’t have the time for. Any other suggestions?

Not anymore per @aronchi

There are $750 CCFR (applied at point of sale) and $2000 CVRP rebates for the Leaf.

CVRP requires a lease term of 30+ months

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CVRP is a moot point since I don’t qualify anyways.

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Keep the leaf, and keep some miles off the P

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