Do I need to file Report of Sale after returning leased car?


Hi there,
My BMW lease ended last month. I returned the old one and got a new lease from the same dealer. While when I login to DMV website recently, I found the old one is still under my name. I am wondering do I need to file Report of Sale for the old lease? I assume should not as I am not the owner of the car, but not quite sure. This is my first time lease a car. Any help would be much appreciated!

Leases belong to the bank (BMWFS) so no need - they will take care of the DMV info.

Thats wrong, especially if the car is sold at auction out of state
Or at least in CA for sure, always report that the car is sold to your dmv. Never assume anyone else will check all the boxes

I am correct - in CA, all my 5 BMW leases were returned to the dealer and they handled all the transfer & notifications.

Just make sure you file release of liability (ROL). You don’t want someone driving around in your old plates and accumulate toll and tickets in your name


You are MOSTLY correct , out of all my cars, one AWD Honda of mine immediately went up to WA (of all places) and was sold up there. So CA did not have any notification that the car was sold, and kept sending me Renewal LATE notices until I sent them the ROL and said I sold it to the Honda Dealer.

So yes, in your experience they follow through, but remember that States don’t talk to each other and once a car hits auction, the only time the OEM even tells the origin state that, is when it’s sold to a dealer in that same origin state. (because the new registration will trigger an automatic sale)


Your dealer may, as a courtesy, fill in out, but they are under no obligation to do so, so you shouldn’t rely on them to.

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This is in WA, yes? Is there something similar to the CA Release of Liability as mentioned above? You may want to look into what your DMV says about reporting sales.

Thanks for all the replies!

Yes, this is in WA. I checked DOL website - there is no release of liability form, but there is form release of interest used for selling and trading. I guess I’d better to confirm with my dealer if anything I need to do or they already handled all these paperwork.

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Yes this form looks like something similar to CA

Always fill out this form, it’s not going to hurt YOU, but it can always help.

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Thanks Forbs!

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