Do dealerships lose money when using msd?

Does anyone know if dealers lose money if allowing msd into the deal?

Trying to use it at Infiniti and they basically are trying to talk me out of it.

They are willing to discount car more if i buy 0 driveoff with no msd.

If I msd x4 it will be .00001 factor… with 0 msd it will be .00041.

The only time they would make money on the financing side of the deal, is if they increase the base money factor on the vehicle. So they never “lose” money on the finance side, they just lose the profit of marking it up in the first place. Once it’s at or below the base, it shouldn’t make any difference to them.

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this is weird …20

Which Infiniti model are you looking at?

Q60 redsport. Yeah same base MF either way. But without msd they will discount about 1k more.

That’s just really odd. Have you just asked them point-blank why they don’t want you to do it?

Maybe they are just lazy? Weird indeed!