Do Cadillac 2020 XT5 or XT6 lease well?

Looking to get into a new SUV since my current lease expire end of this month. I was looking at RX350, XC60 and others as well. What do you guys think of the XT5 or XT6? Don’t seem much info on these threads of folks leasing these. Do dealers discount these much or not? Can a XT5 be had for under $400 a month for MSRP of $50K. Thanks.

Not much, the XT6 is your best bet. 1% can be achieved if you have loyalty. Don’t expect more than 5% off a new one, or 8% on a demo (demo residual gets hit with miles)

How come they don’t discount more than 5%? Volvos and Lexus do around 10% preincentive and even more if timing is right. Is this always the case with Cadillac and American cars? Up to now I have only leased Lexus and Infinitis so have no idea what sort of discount are available with these cars.

Different companies have different back end and pricing structures.

I think the only way a Cadillac would lease well is if the lease was subsidized in some way. As in heavy lease cash, inflated residual, tax credits…etc. Although those ingredients make for a good lease for any manufacturer…lol

Please help me see if this is a good deal:
2020 XT5 Premium Luxury FWD (Demo car, already got 3,000 miles on it)
MSRP: $54,040
Sales price: $44,940
39 months, 15,000 miles/year (excluding the current mileage)
monthly payment: $490
Cash: 2,500 (drive-off)
They are giving me tax credits too otherwise I would have had to pay full tax (Texas)
They haven’t listed MF and RV but when I asked they said MF is 0.00083 and RV is 53% (not sure though)
I have to decide pretty quick so please advise.