DMV registration renewal

Hi all
I’m planning on selling my 2019 Lexus RX to 3rd party sometime this coming week and I just received my registration renewal. Am I stuck with paying this renewal for being a dummy for selling too close to end of my lease?

When is your reg due?

end of march

You still have time. No need to renew your registration now.

If you’re selling it now, no need to worry about it. If you’re selling it after it’s due, be sure to pay it. The cadmv is ruthless about past due registration

Just hang onto it, you don’t have to renew until literally the last day on the registration.

so do I give this registration renewal to the 3rd party when I sell the car or just ignore it and sell it before it’s due?

The 3rd party if a dealer knows how to deal with it.
You do nothing but send in the form that says you sold / gave it away.

When they register the car, the reg will get paid

thank you all!

I’ve had several cases where the car is shipped out of state and CA DMV keeps sending me late notices. Gotta fill out the Transfer of Liability or you might be in a bit of hurt.

Yup. They’re asses

More like, they don’t talk to other states, so therefore the car is still here.

I had a couple motorcycles registered in California that i didn’t ride much. Every 6 months, they’d decide one of them didn’t have insurance (they were all on the same policy) so they’d suspend the registration on it and not tell me. When the registration is suspended, they don’t send a renewal notice, so I didn’t renew it. Of course, then the registration was late, but since I never got the notice, I didn’t know… until the notice that they were sending me to collections for back due registration.

They’re asses

Oh , no argument that they aren’t asses, but in regards to the Transfer of Liability, they don’t talk to other states at all, hence they ‘assume’ you still have it.

I didn’t register my car for the last two years of the lease and still sold it back to bmw dealership without no issues. (As far as I know) lol

In California?

Expect to get a collections notice

Not CA. Ohio. Didn’t realize one state was more strict than the other when it comes to that. Hopefully there’s nothing brewing here.