DMV Lease May BMWs: X5 40i - 8%; iX - 12%; 530ix - 8%; M8 - 10%; X3 M40i - 4%; 330ix - 6%. Avail.: M4; M5; X3M; etc

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What a coincidence :smirk:


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M4 comp. xDrive - available at MSRP.

Available: Modifiable Z4 M40i. These are not easy to find. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one, and there are less than 100 in the country. That seems like a lot, but consider that there are nearly 400 dealerships nationwide.

E-mail me at

Please fill out my form: DMV Lease Questionnaire.

Any discount on this or msrp? I’ve been looking at pre owned 21’s.

I can certainly find out! It just was dropped into the dealership pipeline, and I was asked to post it.

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Good news - 6% off X3 30is!

$658 per month + tax with $2,500 + registration at signing.
Subtract $1,500 from incentives if you don’t have loyalty or corporate.


Please fill out our form: DMV Lease Questionnaire .

What’s the situation with x4s? There seem to be so few around/available.

Hi, that’s been the case for a while. I have one 30i available (to build) and two M40is in stock. I’m at 2% off on the M40i, and I will have to ask about the 30i.

Available at MSRP - i4 M50 - canceled order. Don’t lease this; buy it on the balloon if you’re in an eligible state.

$1,216 + tax with $2,600 + registration at signing.

Example before tax and registration with the same amount at signing:

That i4 sold, but here’s another!

8% off X5s through the end of the month.

M sport, parking assistance, premium, heated stuff, shadowline.

$936 + tax with $2,500 + registration at signing.
Subtract $1,500 from incentives if you don’t have loyalty or corporate.

I have two M4 coupes (one RWD, one xDrive) that I am allowed to discount for contracts dated by the 31st. Serious buyers only.

One is blue; one is black. Inquire for more details.


Hey @dmv, interested in the m4. Is it manual non comp?

Sorry, a manual has to be an order. The only manual I have right now is a used M3 with 3,300 miles on it.

Here’s what I have for the end of the month push to get deals done today. If a discount isn’t listed, it’s case-by-case.

X5 45e in stock - claim that full credit while you can!

330ix with M sport - 5-6%.
430ix coupe and GC
M440ix coupe
M4 comp. (RWD) - 6%
530ix - 6%
540ix - 6+% (May be able to get more.)
840ix GC
M8 CV - 5%

X3 xDrive 30i - 6%
X5 xDrive 40i - 8%

iX M60

X7s are still flying off the lot. I don’t have any in stock, only one or two at the port, and orders are also available.

8% off X5 xDrive40i orders. Lock in terms now and hope they get better before delivery. This may be one of your last chances to get a 2023.

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What does the build timeline look like? Is the '24 an LCI?

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We’re in week 5, and I have week 8 cars about to go into production. I had a customer place an order on the 10th, and he picked up his car yesterday (arrived at the dealership on Saturday).

2024 is an LCI, but still nothing official/no reveal has been released yet that I can see.


This is not eligible for balloon right?

Can we discuss m3/m4 build on lease/balloon?

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