*DMAUTO*2018 BMW 340i $461tax/inc $2500 DAS

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Here’s a deal I have going on right now:
Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW 340i M-pack
**MSRP: $**57,775
**Monthly Payment: $**461w/tax
**Drive-Off Amount: $**2500
**Annual Mileage:**10k
Available Incentives: 5500 in rebates, 1000 loyalty
Region: SoCal
Leasehackr Score: 11 years

Shouldn’t the residual be higher for a 24mo lease?


Should be 67% (24/10k)

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Yes you guys are correct. I had calculations for a 36 month as well and made a mistake.

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What’s the sale price?

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Sales price:$44,840

Payment in title please. I fixed it for now- please follow the format next time. Thank you.

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Thank you! Will follow guidelines closely next time.

@dmauto any pictures?

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I’ve got stock photos. The car is mineral grey with black interior.

Is this deal available for out of state? I am in Texas. What does the 2500 out the door include?

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No the deal would not be available in Texas. The 2500 includes all fees (acquisition, government).