Disposition fees


Have a general question regarding disposition fees.
Do I have to pay it.
Recently I changes the car lease and went to different brand. Now I got the bill for the disposition fee. Is any way I dont have to pay it.
Previously had different brands and even when I was changing the car I wasn’t paying for the disposition fees.

Check your original lease agreement. I find it difficult to imagine it doesn’t include the disposition fee. If your signature accompanies the information, you’ve promised to pay it.


Yes, you have to pay it. Brands will waive it if you stay with them on the next lease.

Thanx guys.
I had nissan and went with bmw, I doubt it they will wave it. And yes @anon92897398 , just read it’s on a lease contract

Some captive-finance companies (ie GM Financial) will waive the fee if you buy or lease another of the company’s products. Some banks may waive the fee if you lease with that bank again. If you purchase the vehicle, or use it as a trade-in cuz there is equity (ie: dealer buys it), then there would be no turn-in fee.

I leased before honda and they waved the fee cos I had very low mileage and told me that if dealership keeps the car I don’t have to pay it. I guess I expected same thing w Nissan

The lender doesn’t give any credit for low mileage. But, with low mileage there was a good chance the dealer would buy the car to put in their used inventory if the residual was equal to or less than actual wholesale value. If the car is purchased by you or the dealer, there is no disposition thus no fee.

If the residual is greater than wholesale value, the car will likely go to auction (disposition). Most lenders don’t negotiate the purchase option price as they are usually insured against loss at auction sale.

Thanx for info.
How can I find out if the dealership kept the car or not

If it’s not in their inventory Online, they likely didn’t buy it. Search for the vin of the car online. You may be able to find it that way if it has been added to someone’s inventory by now.

That said, if you’re being billed a disposition fee, there’s 99.9% chance it went to auction and nobody bought it from NMAC before doing so. Once it goes to auction, the disposition fee would apply.

The dealership doesn’t “keep” the car. They “buy” it from the captive.

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If you were billed the disposition fee, there’s no getting out of it. You turned in your lease and didn’t lease again from Nissan. You are contractually obligated to pay it

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Thanx everyone for the info
Found the car in dealership lot. Spoke to manage, manager to take half of the bill.

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So I just found out the Audi dealer who I returned my car to bought it from Audi, and has it for sale. Any chance I can get the disposition fee waived?

I found out after I received a letter from Audi claiming I did not turn the car in. I called the dealer, and they told me they bought it, which they reported to Audi.

Dealership can request the wave. U need to call the dealership and dealership will call the financial services

Bumping this thread for a question.

Turned in my lease 2 months early this past January to step into a new truck from same Brand and Financing bank.

Upon negotiations, dealer wanted to purchase out my old lease due to lower miles. They said they didn’t connect with bank in time before the deal closed and said they’d return the lease. As part of negotiation, they said they make one lease payment and I would be on hook to make the last one.

I called the bank a couple of weeks later and made sure they made a payment. Not only did they confirm they made a payment, but they said there was no balance left on my account. I definitely had a payment left on my term, but bank swore to me I was all closed up.

So I’ve been waiting to receive a bill for $400 for dispo fee. Figured it may not come until a few months later. Today I took a look on the dealer’s lot and I noticed my car is sitting there for sale. Assuming they made arrangement with bank, after I signed my new lease.

In this case, would I be on the hook for the original disposal fee? Feeling like I won’t since my last payment disappeared. Or could it be possible dealer worked out separate deal from bank, and I’d still get a bill later on?

Thanks for input.

You aren’t charged the disposition fee if you sign a new lease with the same brand.

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Here’s another “Dispo” Question. Return the vehicle, pay the disposition fee, then reconsider and lease from the same brand 1-2 months later. Think they would refund the Fee? Anyone encounter this?

BMW will. I think you have 6-12 months

Cadillac will refund you, or credit you the disposition fee if you buy/lease another GM product within 90 days

  1. If you stay loyal, there is no disposition fee
  2. If dealer buys the car instead of returning car to captive, there is no disposition fee
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Thank you
Ended up paying, went with different car