Did you buy the additional lease warranty package, (silver, gold, platinum) that covers any damages at the end of lease


It’s a dealer package that covers damages, tires, rims, etc. when returning the vehicle. Do people usually get this additional protection?

I don’t.


I recommend tire and wheel at the right price, especially if you tend to be haphazard about kerb and the car has low profile tires.

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“Return a vehicle”? Never heard of such a thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha… I don’t know if I would want to keep it, also don’t know if I want to go thru buy/sell it to third party either. I’m new to leasing, so I’m assuming it’s return and lease another at this point.

How rough are you with your cars? That’s usually a good barometer if you need it or not.

Also, what are the cancellation policies for these packages? State law plays a huge role in if and how much you get back.

  1. Look at what’s covered and note the cost (call that X)

  2. Add up what you’ve spent on all those things combined over your entire lifetime (call that Y)

  3. Calculate the number of years you’ve been driving at your own expense (call that Z)

  4. Divide Y by Z and compare that to X

Another way:

Take the number of years you plan to drive over your lifetime and divide that by 3.

Multiply the result by X and that’s how much you will have spent in 2022 dollars on such things by the time your grandchildren lovingly pat you on the head and then take your keys away.

Does it look like a reasonable number?

FYI, if a Jeep leased through CCAP, you don’t have to buy and sell it (at least under current CCAP rules). Which Jeep are you considering?

I’m getting the Wrangler 4xe. I’m not sure of all the options I have at the end of the lease, but as of now I’m not planning on keeping it further than the lease period. I was just following the ‘traditional’ method of returning it and getting a newer vehicle at the end of the lease. I didn’t want to pay for minor scratches and new tires at that time. Sounds like this package would cover all that.

Minor scratches are usually included as Wear and Tear. Big ones are $250, so how much is the package?

$650 for tire and rim coverage, roadside assistance.
Another $750 for end of lease protection, for damages up to $5k, new tires, wear and tear beyond normal, key replacement, etc.

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First - $650, if you are driving low pros you will probably curb dem rims a bit. (I believe its $150 each major mark)

2nd - $750, if they are run flats…probably worth it. Run Flats are expensive.

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Run flats and low profile tires on a jeep?

Tell a dealer trying to charge you extra for road side assistance on a wrangler to pound sand. It already comes with roadside assistance.

oh LOL I forgot it was a Jeep because the title doesn’t say Jeep and of course I assumed BMW.

Then 1st is useless as you won’t curb a rim except on purpose. And the 2nd is looking bad as well as Jeep tires are cheaper. And if you are thinking ‘lease damages will cost me’ Your deductible is less than $750 I bet.

This roadside assistance comes faster than the one from the manufacturer and it only adds $7 a month to the payment.

No one wants to wait on the shoulder on a busy freeway in the dark for two hours. All of my clients buy this.


You forgot the “at $7/mo, it’s cheaper than they’ll even sell it to me! Think of that peace of mind for only one cup of coffee a month!”


You don’t need to waste the money protecting a Wrangler. You’ll be selling it before turn-in.

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In the end, it is probably cheaper to just pay the leasing company, but I enjoy the challenge of hiding dents, scratches, dings etc. :joy:

Curbed rims run $125 for a mobile service.

Honestly, if you are creative, and have a little patience, you can fix most any minor paint / dent damage yourself. Either way, I would roll the dice, and not pay for an add on like this.

Not worth it.

Lost key replacement - maybe $250, but when was the last time you lost a key.

Road hazard - you can pick up certs from Discount Tire for $20/tire. They will warranty it if the car/tires are brand new, even if the tires are not purchased there.

Roadside - Free from Jeep Wave