Did the whole site font get bigger?

Just curious if this is just me or not?

The site was down briefly for me this morning and when it came back it seems like the font is larger across the whole site on two different computers…


That’s what I thought too. I had to go into my profile settings and change the font to one size smaller. Not sure what happened LOL

Another broker copied the website source code and increased the font size by .5%.


I wouldn’t have noticed it had you not mentioned it, but, yes, I do think the size changed.

Making it one size smaller now seems uncomfortably small. Not sure if the one-size-smaller isn’t the same size as the “original,” or if my eyes just naturally like the bigger size.

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That didn’t fix it for me, the Rate Findr/ PND/ etc bar is also in a weird place now. I think something is up with the CSS.

I’m glad you had mentioned this, and I was thinking the same thing. Things just seem a bit different.

My Rate Findr/PND/etc bar is in the same place as before.

we’ve seen crazier things happen in these parts :cowboy_hat_face:

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Mine is stuck like that no matter how wide I make the window

I have dual widescreen monitors, so I wouldn’t know how to make it any wider than it already is LOL

We pushed a system upgrade this morning, which might have impacted the font size (I didn’t notice until you pointed it out!).

I assume the Rate Findr/EH/PND buttons got pushed to the second row because of the font size increase.

You can adjust the font size under Profile >>> Preferences >>> Interface >>> Text Size.


𝕃ØØⓀ丂 ⓕƗ𝐍𝑒 Ø𝐍 м𝔂 ƗƤ𝐚𝓭


I did this, but going one size below “Normal” still looks way smaller than usual as well.

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Seems like --font-up-" needs to be closer to 1.01em

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I don’t have a “Ransom” font on my computer… :frowning:

The new font sucks and it breaks other UI elements.

Instead, because they are not top operators, the owner blames the users and instructs them to adjust their settings. LH’s decline has been so sad to see. Unsurprisingly, the owner didn’t even notice!

This isn’t the meme lounge :disguised_face:

Did your font change? It has been Arial for me all along.

@IAC_Scott only mentioned the change in font size.

The CSS in the forum theme might be able to adjust the global font.

From the Discourse forums it looks like text wonkiness is a common issue after updating.

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