Did page format change?

When I go into sub topics, it no longer has previous read topics a different shade indicating it’s been read by me. Is this an intentional change? It’s happening on mobile in chrome and safari.

I’ll be honest, it makes it difficult to figure out or remember what topic has been read versus not read.


Yup, happening across other browsers too (eg Edge on iOS).

Yup it’s annoying :disappointed:

Any way we can go back to the old way or is this the new norm?

Tagging @michael and @littleviolette to investigate.

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The change might have come with the software update. Let me investigate.


@SteveB25 Wondering how I can replicate the issue. My read threads grey out on Chrome and Safari, even when I am not signed in. I believe you would have to read through the end of the thread for it to grey out.

It’s happening to me on iOS/Safari as well. I’m the main forum page, read threads are greyed out, but once I go to a sub-forum, every thread stays black and doesn’t grey out, even after I read whole threads.

Main forum page working properly:

Sub-forum that never greys out any thread.


I just signed out and threads in the sub-forums correctly do grey out after I read them. Once I sign back in, all sub-forum threads go back to being black.


Got it. I did a system rebuild, which seems to have fixed it. Let me know if that fixes the issue on your end too!

Jon explained exactly how it showed for me.

I cleared history/cache, it’s still showing this way in safari and chrome.

Still all black when click on “Latest” in Chrome/Android.

Not seeing anything different on my end. Still seeing the same issue as described above.

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Update: looks like it works on the PC, but not on the phone.

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I switched to Desktop mode on iOS/Safari and it does work correctly.

So this is only happening on mobile?

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Yes. Only happens when logged-in on mobile. If I sign out on mobile or use desktop-mode, it works correctly.


Any update on this?

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I still haven’t been able to track down the cause. Someone reported that it works fine on Android, which prompted me to wonder whether it is an iOS issue. Could someone with an Android check?

Doesn’t work on Android, as I reported before :slightly_smiling_face:

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