Did I mess up by not taking this Audi deal?

Didnt know too much about LeaseHackr but I just went around this weekend trying to get the best deal and then after getting this I still decided not to do it. A dealer in the region offered me monthly payments of $298 for 36 months, 10,000 miles, $2,500 down including taxes and fees, and paying the last three payments for my current lease which total $575 for a 2016 Audi A3 1.8T Premium Sedan with the S-package MSRP of $35,215 and a sale price of $31,7xx. Today was my last day to take it :confused:

There is nothing special about that deal that would make me think it’s. “good deal”… also. For most deals that are posted here, we negotiate with $0 down :slight_smile:

So no, I would say you are not really missing out if you walked away from this

Thanks for the reply Mystery. I want to clarify that all of the $2,500 wasn’t just a down payment. It did include the $795 acquisition fee, the $300 processing fee, and then the sales tax which you pay in full in this area…so in terms of money towards cap cost reduction there wasnt much