Did I get a good deal on Acura RDX?

Hello, I probably should have checked on here before I signed my lease this week but based on the current market, can anyone chime in what they think of this deal?

2021 Acura RDX Aspec FWD

MSRP $45,845
Selling Price $42,451
Dealer Add-ons $1722 (3M, Permaplate, Permaplate Key)
Acquisition fee $595
Gross Capitalized cost $44,768
$1,500 loyalty credit + $1,000 additional down + $421 dealer cash
Adjusted Cap cost (43,268)
Money Factor .00078
Residual Value $25,673 (56%)
10,000 miles / year
36 months
Base monthly payment $542.53
monthly tax $47.47

Total monthly payment $590

Basically my drive off was only $1,000 and my monthly payment is $590 taxes included.

We traded in our current 2019 RDX base lease and after payoff they cut us a check for $2,500 (they gave us $3,500 but used $1,000 of that for the drive off).

Looks like your pre-incentive discount was a little over 7%.

I would have asked the dealer to remove these add-ons

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I tried tooth and nail to get them to remove it. None of the 3 dealers I went to were willing to budge on the add one and one dealer actually had a markup over MSRP on top of add ons.

I’m surprised that selling price plus the addons was still under MSRP.

My salesman was also pretty surprised and the fact that they gave up almost all of their dealer cash to go on top of the $1500 loyalty credit. I’m wondering if they were just trying to move vehicles because they still had 14 RDXs on the lot while the other 2 dealers had only 3 and 4 RDXs.

Most dealers around here don’t have 14 cars total on their whole lot.

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Yeah this one was more stocked than others. A Honda dealer I drove by didn’t have a single car out on the lot where I would normally see close to 40-50 cars.

I definitely think the 2 coasts are affected differently. I actually live just a few blocks away from one of the major ports in California and the amount of ships I can see backed up are staggering, but the number of cars being offloaded is definitely no where near what I’m used to seeing.

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