Did I get a good deal? 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Side note: The total amount of the lease on the calculator shows much higher than what is on my lease agreement. Did I do something wrong?

Leasehackr Calculator

you signed this 18 months back and wondering now if it is a good deal or not ?

Sorry, but $645/mo with $2k DAS is a terrible deal.

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Terrible deal. On the bright side, you probably got that guy at the dealership a bonus.

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Are you Vinay or did that custom Monroney backfire?

Congrats and enjoy your Alfa.

I am new to leasehacking. I just learned of this website a week ago.

I still can’t figure out how I got $645 monthly with 2k down. They said it was due in part to my credit. At the time i was at 670.

It’s not as bad as they’re telling you. You got a decent discount back when they weren’t discounting them as much as they are now. Your due at signing is mostly the drive off amount (first month, acquisition, taxes, fees). Your alfa has basically every option available and as such is much higher priced than the 40k Giulia somebody leased for much less. Could you have done a bit better? Probably but not by a whole lot. I priced these back last summer and couldn’t get the deals people are getting now. Gorgeous car! Enjoy the ride!


I am paying $478 per month with 0 DAS for my 47.5k Giulia Ti Sport and I got the deal back in June 2018. I’m not sure when you got yours but it doesn’t seem great.

The dealers in NJ were around that price and I went to Erie PA to get my deal

His alfa stickered at 8k more which at a residual of 48% means about 130 more per month on sticker price alone. That puts him up above 600 at your same terms. So, like I said, not a terrible deal (he’s paying 589 pre tax with very little down) but yeah there was probably a little more room to be had :slight_smile:

At 48% residual, options get pricey on a lease

I agree. His MSRP is 55K. Not sure it can get any higher than that for the base 2.0T engine… I would’ve tried to talk them down to at least $600/monthly.

I was having a difficult time negotiating the price of this specific car with all of the added options. I had gone to 4 dealerships, all of which had refused to meet me at 1% monthly of the MSRP.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the car but after a year I am already looking for something different to get into.

Below i’ve attached photos of the car.


ooh my dumbass thought the MSRP was 49k haha

thats a really nice car though I have the Misano Blue

I love my car but looking forward to June when I am going to get something louder and faster

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