Did I catch the X7 and maybe the X5 undercover on the 95? Pics inside

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Lol I saw that today also and wondered the same thing. I think it’s x5

Did you see them both.
The first one was definitely bigger, and the second one looked like an X5

No It has to be an X7, looks like the GLS size.

I only saw one I’ll see if I can pull the video off my dash cam when I get home

That’s what I was thinking…

I saw the X7 undercover about a week ago in Long Beach, CA. it was considerably larger than an X5 next to it.

Guess they won’t stop until they’ve filled every x-over niche from Juke size up to a Suburban’s

And a ‘coupe’ version of each…

With BMW going down the X7 route now it means Audi will have to do the same, and if they do then eventually Porsche will given the platform sharing.

Audi already has Q7. What this means is that both Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90 will get some competition from X7 in that category.

Yeah, BMW has been playing catch up in the big three row luxury segment.

I don’t want/need one but I will be interested to see how they price it vs. the X5.

It will be interesting to see how they price it and what size the X5 is. A global theme tends to be models get bigger every redesign. The X5 is currently 8 inches shorter than the Q7. If the X5 gets 2-3 inches bigger bigger, the X7 is really going to need to be big to create segment differentiation.

Point of comparison. 2006 X5 was 184 inches long. 2018 X3 is 186 inches long. Segment creep.

X5 competes with the Q7. X7 will compete with the upcoming Q9.

The market segments are different, X5 = Q7 and XC90 and all start around $50k. X7 will be the equivalent of the GLS or Escalade which is bigger and starts at $70k+. There’s a significant difference.

Just saw this too:

So article suggests price for a 6 cylinder X7 will be mid-high $80K with the 8 cylinder squeezing in below $100K. Current bottom X5 starts at $57.2K but we all know most don’t buy the stripper base model of a BMW.