Did anyone buy a Tesla Model 3 Reservation on Cragislist or eBay?

Did anyone buy a Tesla Model 3 Reservation on Craigslist or eBay? If yes, did you have any issues with Tesla or did the order get through without any issues?

I’m selling mine if you are interested. Was just going to cancel it but then I realized it actually has value. PM if you are interested

Going to be selling both mine as I’m not in the market for a car like I thought I would be right now.

I know how to transfer the ownership without issues with the full account info.

Did you actually transfer your reservation and get cash for it?

you can take mine. you just have to take me out to dinner. or do something cool for me. I have two and I got it in the first hour of opening

yes you have to transfer it

What is the advantage of buying/having a reservation when you can order a Model 3 straight up now?

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Im not sure if that backlog has completely finished but a friend of mine who waited more than 2 years finally received the email to proceed with order. After clicking submit, he was given a 2 -3 month eta on delivery of his desired specs unit but then 2 weeks later he got a call that cars ready for delivery.

Cancelled and refunded. I went out and bought a few new cars with the deposit money because I couldn’t wait any longer.

I did the math and when I can order and take delivery of the 35k or even 25k (2020+) Tesla then I’ll jump on it again.

So I guess, there wasnt anyway to transfer after all ?

There was but the value of the reservations dropped to $0 after Tesla opened up ordering for everyone and their mother at the same time.

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Tesla is currently quoting these wait times for new orders:
RWD: within 4 weeks
AWD: 2-4 months
Performance: within 2 months

Not very different from any other brand if you’re placing an order. Reservations seem vestigial at this point.

Ahhh makes sense now. I wonder how long for the promised $35k one. And even more, with costs and legal issues for TSLA rising, will they even be able to keep it at $35k …

At this rate these things could end up being collectors items if Tesla ends up falling apart amid all this SEC nonsense

The 21st century DMC…albeit more production models.