Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures (THE CORONAVIRUS LANDFILL THREAD)

Desperate for sell (I am not sure where it belongs…)

It gave me good chuckle. I can relate to their struggle but this is pushing creative sales approach to deceiving/lying. It explains why I have no trust in dealer personnel.


I think you should take out the salesperson’s identifying info.

I feel bad for the salesman who is probably struggling and doing whatever he can to feed his family. That said, I’m sure this is not the type of email that Berkshire Hathaway wants their dealerships sending out. “The Federal Emergency Incentives” don’t exist. Also, I’m guessing it’s just a language barrier issue but omitting the noun at the end of the term makes it sound like even more of a Nigerian Prince fishing scam. It should be "the Federal Emergency Incentives [Program/Act/Bill etc…].

Doesn’t hurt to ask how much the Federal Emergency Incentive is, then get back to him saying the new Federal Emergency Incentive actually went up today by X amount.


Careful of the scams out there, they will be bold and swift when the government is creating trillion dollar stimulus packages!!!

Nigerian Prince phishing scam? I just sent 100,000 via western union to help the prince out. He’s unable to deliver my winnings in person so he’s sending me 100 million bucks via mail. The 100k helps pay for his fees in doing so.

We’ll see who’s laughing then. I should have my money any day now!


Can’t wait to see some old Corona deals, boys!

Dealers already pulling heavy Ad $

Shoot for 75% off in April.

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Why stop there? I have it on good authority 75% is the floor. There’s much more room.

While you’re at it, barter EVERYTHING! Toilet paper, steaks, your favorite restaurant, etc. Everyone is gonna give you the shirt off their backs just to sell something! There’s no such thing as a loss!



Lmfao Nice Thought Baby Boi!

I can understand really needing to make a sale. GM has programs out there to help during this slump. Why not just craft the email outlining the legit programs in place to help drive sales? Seems like the salesman is potentially shooting himself in the foot if he can’t produce this “program” when someone tries to buy a car.

From a sales side, this is a terrible email since there is no call to action. Even if it is true, so what? At the very least ask to schedule an appointment or phone call.


Yea I mean that is just a poorly written, typo laden email. I would be furious if I had people working for me sending out garbage like that.

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OP should reply to the email stating he works for one of the fed agencies so does he get an extra Fed employee discount on top of the incentives :expressionless:

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Offering Costco size toilet paper and hand sanitizer with every sale will get people in the door.

I do feel bad for the dealers and every other hourly worker. Today I dropped my car at the dealer for warranty work, and it was a ghost town. Luckily there were a few vehicles being worked on, but only 2 salespeople. Tough times.


One casual restaurant in the LA area is offering 4 rolls of toilet paper w/ a catering-sized order. I have to admit, I’m kind of tempted (the restaurant’s food is also supposed to be quite good).

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A few people have asked me about this…seems several dealers are up to their usual tricks

A lot of manufacturers are offering 90 days of no payments. Would I want interest to accrue for 90 days before I start making payments? Nope. If an incentive is offered from my manufacturer do I make publicly advertise it? Yep.


If the interest is deferred those 90 days then it doesn’t really make a difference. I’d rather just see an added incentive off price.

I am tempted more for the 5lbs of cooked carne asada, 5lbs of roasted chicken, and the 30 eggs! :smiley:


10% discount added when buying from salesperson with coronavirus. Bam!